Seed Undeveloped

If it’s a seed, it has yet to reach the full stage of development. If it’s a seed, it has yet to reveal and expose its full value, use, or purpose. If it’s a seed, its much smaller now than it will be in the final stage of its existence. The product it will produce and become has yet to be seen. The mere fact that it’s a seed means that the process of maturing has not yet been completed. Why, because it’s a seed, and there’s more to come.

A seed is complete, it’s just undeveloped (John Maxwell). With time, growth, and resources, the seed transforms into a state that’s visible to reveal what it was purposed to be. We then are able to recognize the value of the seed in its absence.

Seeds exist in their completeness, however, it’s allowing the manifestation process to occur to expose the completed end result.

If it’s a seed, stay tuned. There’s more after…

Life’s The Maze

I was intrigued to see a interview about a individual that built a maze that was featured at one of Washington D.C.’s museums. As I watched the interview, i really couldn’t hear what was being said, but was amazed at how it looked. The maze was built on the first level of the museum however, the view was shown from the third level. This view allowed me to see immediately the entrance to the maze as well as the exit from the maze. What amazed me the most was that they existed on opposite sides of each other with only a wall separating them.


So the thought that came to mind was, that’s how life is. Our entrance is just opposite of our exit with only a wall separating the two. Of course there’s the navigation that must take place to get to the exit, but in the middle allows for the experience’s that life has to offer to come into play and take us on a journey that would otherwise be a passing breeze. The maze further demonstrates that our walk will take us to places that seem like a dead in and we’ll have to turn around and go back. But the thing that can be learned in going back is that “You’ve Been There Before” and once you have actually been there for yourself, no one can ever take that experience away from you.

As you go through life’s maze, enjoy the voyage. Everyday allows you to embark upon a totally new adventure never before experienced. At the end of the day your closer to an end and further from a beginning.




Stop Getting In Your Own Way, Beat FEAR

Stop Getting In Your Own Way, Beat FEAR

Ever wonder why you think the thoughts you think, but don’t do the things that come from those thoughts? It could be a number of reasons. Your actions may not be to purposely not do the things you really want to do however, the fact is your not doing these things for a reason. And consequently It could be that you’re getting in your own way. Listen to the conversation I had with Kyle Brown and see if there are some strategies that you can develop to navigate through some of the obstacles that may be holding you back.

From Past, to Present, toward Future

What are you dragging from your past into the present that’s blocking your future? We all have a past. Some good, some bad, and some ugly. No matter the difference, as the saying goes, it is what it is. We can’t change what happen yesterday or even an hour ago. It’s over, in the past, history or put another way, his story, which is really our story. We all have one.

Stop getting bogged down by the things from yesteryear. It’s unnecessary weight that you are carrying and don’t even realize it. It’s taking up part of you that you haven’t given permission to be taken up. You’ve been filled with these things from the past that aren’t adding any value. As a matter of fact, they’re taking up valuable space inside that could be used for other priorities in your life.

So how do you move forward? By the way with or without carrying those things from the past you are moving forward because you’re still living. But how do you move forward in a more effective way? By releasing those things that aren’t in support of your future, that don’t help you, and that don’t mean you any good. If it’s not adding value, it’s taking value from you. These things are depleting you in ways that haven’t been realized yet. Let it go. Yes, this is easier said than done. However, you have to start somewhere and what better place to start than where you are, here and now.

Let go of the things from the Past, that are in your Present, that’s blocking the Future.

Consistently Inconsistent

Its crazy and it doesn’t make since. How can anyone be consistently inconsistent? I mean, in short being consistent means that you are acting or behaving in the same all the time according to Websters definition, and being inconsistent is just the opposite; not always acting or behaving in the same way. However I did stumble across another definition Webster had for inconsistent, and it says; having parts that disagree with each other: not in agreement with something. And that is where it all ties together.

Our imaginations explode with all of these ideas and dreams and thoughts of things that we actually want to do and would enjoy doing. But our actions are quite the opposite. Our actions have been held up and taken hostage by that dreadful thing called life. This is where the disagreeing and not being in agreement begins. You know, we’ve all heard the saying, Life Happens. What life is happening and where is it happening so we can catch it?

We dream of things being a certain way in life, work, and even play. But how often do these things become a reality? And why don’t they come to fruition more often? I mean lets think about it. We put these thoughts in our mind, no one forces them on us. Things we don’t like, we don’t entertain and thus, we don’t do, Right? Or is it something much deeper than what the eye can see? Something that lies beneath the surface, but that’s very present in our lives that we purposely overlook because of all the other stuff that invades our personal inner thinking and doing space?

Yea, its there alright and it exist in all of us. Some deal with it better than others and some are over powered by it. It takes some of us by control and others control it. We all say things that we sometimes will never do, but the question becomes why? Do we do it just to entertain ourselves and call it day dreaming? Day dreaming of something that may or may not come true, and then accepting the fact that the time you spent day dreaming this powerfully glorious thing, your will to just let it go, just like that, oh well, it would be nice. But… But what what?

If it was given to you, accept it. Its a gift. A gift that’s only meant for you. Use it. Stop rejecting the things that come up from this most treasured and valuable place, your inner spirit. This is what has the consistency. It’s consistent in providing you the information from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. It even works overtime in your dreams. Your inner spirit is constantly feeding your ideas, thoughts, and dreams. It does what it was designed to do, feed your mind. But then comes the actions. Ever wonder why our actions are sometimes inconsistent with our thoughts? One thing may be that our thoughts are enclosed and supported by all the internal working of our body. Within our body encompasses an entire ecosystem that has the ability to take care of itself, produce, and reject the things that mean it no good. And it often does a pretty good job.

Now those external actions. Whats supporting them? Everyone and everybody including us. There’s so much going on in our lives that we often overlook us. It’s the “US” that more often gets overlooked in the day-to-day grind of life and living. Give your “US” a chance. Let it dream, think, and especially live. Let it live out those day dreams. Allow your actions to align with those explosives thoughts and ideas. You will be amazed at the possibilities of living the dream. Its okay to do you the way you want you it to be done. You and all of your stuff were put here for a purpose, be purposeful for you and to everyone else around you. The only difference between Consistent and Inconsistent is, “IN”. Let your “IN” come out and enjoy the life you so dream of.     

When The Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

Within us lies the ability to do whatever we want to do. We don’t have to continue to be the way we are if we don’t want to. It is completely by choice, our choice. The majority of the choices we make are from our comfort zone. We get comfortable in the way we are, the way we live, and where we are in life. The truth is, if we want something different, we must do something different. Yes, this is easier said than done, but it can be done.

The mere fact that we exist as human beings allows us the opportunity to create the life we desire. Yes, there may be some obstacles that we will have to navigate, but it isn’t impossible. What it takes is a willingness to do what needs to be done and to overcome what we think may be the force that’s holding us back. Quite often this force is really not holding us back, we have just created an illusion in our minds that make us believe that it is. This False Evidence Appearing Real, is actually a platform to spring us into a destiny that’s just waiting for us to arrive. 


We are the way we are and where we are because of us. Its no one else’s fault, we don’t have anyone else to blame, though we would like to because it’s easier that way. In reality we need to get out of our own way. But how do you go about a task like that? Well the first thing is to want too. Once you want too, then things start to line up and opportunities began to present themselves to move you from where you are to where you want to be. But you have to be up front and truthful with yourself. The introduction of new things into our already existing equation of life will allow the present student (you), to recognize the present teacher (them) as they appear.

When the student is ready , the teacher will appear is about the mindset and the thinking we have. If we change our mind, we change our thinking. And when we change our thinking, resources seem to appear that were never there before. However, in reality and more often than not, the resources, whether people or otherwise were already there. Unfortunately, at that time our mindset and thinking did not allow us to recognize their existence. Now that we have, what’s the excuse?        

I Have To Work

I have to work, a statement that is often said and related to our job. But what about when its said and its tied to the business we have or dream of starting a business. If we say we have to go to work its much more respected when we are talking about the job we go to to exert energy and effort for the advancement of someone else to excel. And they usually are excelling above us as far as time and money are concerned (and no that’s not the only important thing in life, but it is a major component in business, true business). But if we use the phrase “I have to work” and its in direct correlation to wanting your own or having your own business, will it be respected in the same way?
The job right now shows an immediate reward that’s determined by someone else (and if they can afford to pay you the amount you are receiving, know that they are making much more on your efforts). The work or your work that you want to do may not reward you now. However, your plans for the work that you’re working will bring greater rewards in the future and even further in the legacy you can create and leave.
The job  is someone else’s dream, even though it may be a necessity for life. But, it isn’t your dream. You may be good at it, but it doesn’t speak to your gift. You know, the gift, the one God gave you that you keep thinking about that doesn’t make since and you try to remove it from your thoughts, but it keeps coming back. Yea that Gift. And its called a gift because it keeps being given to you in the present. We all have to work in some way. Even if you do nothing its a form of avoiding work, which is work in and of itself. So since we have to work, why not truly do the work you enjoy for yourself and receive all (benefits, opportunity) that’s available to you.
Receive the present of the gift and turn your dreams into a reality.

Iron Sharpening Iron

It’s often said that iron sharpens iron. Be around like minded individuals to enhance your self-being, self-value, self-esteem, and whatever else you want to make better or improve upon within or about yourself. But what if you don’t know you’re not around the like minded individuals that you think you’re around? What if the the facade is so perfectly orchestrated that the individuals have unknowingly lost touch with themselves and therefore aren’t really able to sharpen you as you hoped that they would? What if after time you suddenly come to the realization that you’re no closer to where you want to be than you were when you started out? How do you get back on track in pursuit of becoming a sharper you? Just a few things to consider as you encounter life’s daily interactions with those who we engage with regularly, periodically, purposely, or even by chance.

I believe crossing paths are purposeful however, having the insight to recognize the purpose of the path you cross or the path that crosses you is what can propel further forward in less time than backwards in record time. Its good to be around the likes of what we like or what we want to become. Just be sure to be around the original and not a copy of a copy of the original. Those seem to become blurred obscured and often loose the intended purpose for the desired result.

Iron will sharpen iron (theoretically and physically), if its of at least the same hardness or harder (been treated). With that said, our presence in any environment allows for the enhancing of either ourselves or someone else. If by chance you end up not being sharpened as you would like. Fear not, its not a complete waste of time. You are being sharpened, just not in the way you thought it would happen. Its happening in a way that’s not completely obvious, by a material that not completely recognized. In a practical sense you can also use a grinding wheel, which is made out of a different kind of material that creates the same results. This is what sometimes takes place and happens. Don’t discount or reduce the importance of the people and environments you find yourself in. I have no doubt that things are taking place to make you better and sharper.

Continue to go forth with your eyes wide open making sure that you sharpen as you’re being sharpened. That’s the best way to test the results and see if you are really being sharpened.